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A brief pause before continuing: The Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Asad, supported by Hezbollah (the party of the devil), destroys his own people (he tortures them, he burns them, and he annihilates them with Sarin Gas) and nobody does anything. From here we denounce Bashar Al-Asad and ask our readers to share with the world the information found at the end of this blog about Syria and Hezbollah.
Hezbollah tortured and murdered Americans in the most cruel manner; remember the case of William Buckley, CIA station chief in Lebanon, who was tortured for over a year.
William died in captivity of a heart attack, and his body was thrown into a garbage dump.

Now, we are going to continue with our main topic: "Witchcraft and Satanism in the Jehovah's Witnesses Publications."


For several years, images, shapes and symbols taken from witchcraft and Satanism have been surreptitiously incorporated in books and magazines of the Jehovah's Witnesses. This statement may sound unlikely, and even strange, but it can only be denied if you ignore all the evidence.


The Watchtower Society has published numerous books and magazines: Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life, My Book of Bible Stories, What Does the Bible Really Teach??, etc.

The most popular publications of the Watchtower Society are, however, "The Watchtower" and "Awake!". They are distributed monthly by millions through a worldwide network of congregations of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses work freely distributing these publications. In fact, every witness (or "publisher") pays out of pocket for distributing literature, and are bound by the Watchtower Society to work a minimum of hours per month distributing its printed literature. This is not an optional task.

The founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses was Charles taze Russell. He was born on February 16th, 1852 and died on October 31th (Halloween), 1916. This man believed that the Great Pyramid of Giza had been set (together with the Bible) as a witness of the presence of God. Russell wrote in his book "The Divine Plan of the Ages" that the pyramid measures gave precise data about the weight of the Earth, the distance to the Sun, and the year of Christ’s Second Coming, which was, 1914. This date was obtained taking into account the length of one of the main passages in the pyramid. Finally, few people know that there is a pyramid in Russell’s tomb:

Left: Pyramid that adorns Charles Taze Russell’s tomb (founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses). Right: Tomb of the false prophet William Branham who believed that the word of God came from both the pyramid and the writing.


This image was published in the "Awake!" magazine on January 22, 1996:

This image was repeated on the cover of the Italian version of the Watchtower magazine (“Torre di Guardia") on July 15, 2002::

Now look carefully this second image:

This piece of art was found in the first edition (1982) of the book "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth", specifically on page 244.

What's so strange about this picture?

First, we will say that it is not unusual for families to have portraits of one spouse, or any of their children, in their rooms. But, if you look carefully, you will notice that the portrait is not a person but the image of a ram:

The image of the ram, we've just shown, is the symbol which represented the Egyptian god "Amun". In the elite circles of Satanism, Amun represents Satan himself.

a watchtower knows perfectly the meaning of the ram, then, it appears in the collection "Insight on the Scriptures" (published by the Watchtower) at least twice. In addition, at the feet of those photos shows representing the god Amun-Ra.

Amun is a ram-headed god. This deity was part of the pantheon of Egyptian gods in the time when Moses led the people of Israel from Egypt.

We must remember that the priests of Pharaoh were, in essence, sorcerers who practiced magic and witchcraft.

In the time of Moses the Egyptian pantheon of gods was made, at least ten gods, according to the Book of the Dead.

The court, or council, of Egyptian deities was chaired by the Egyptian supreme deity: Amun.

In the picture above you can see ram-headed Amun.

Compare now a regular picture holder with the ram head found in the aforementioned book by the Watchtower:

The Watchtower Society removed (in the latest edition of the book "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth") the holder portraits, with its ram's head:

If the Watchtower claims that the image of the ram, in the first edition of this book, has nothing wrong, why did the Society change, in its new edition, that image?

The presence of the ram (Ammon), included among the encrypted subliminal images in the Watchtower publications, also shows the relationship between the Watchtower Satanism and high magic and sorcery. In the elite circles of high magic and sorcery the ram "Ammun" represents Satan himself:

The God of the Witches :

Regarding the image appeared in the "Awake!" magazine on January 22nd, 1996:

the outline of the flame forms a figure that has been identified as a subliminal representation of the “horned god of the witches”, a mythological goat-headed god, deeply connected with sorcery.

The Egyptologist Margaret Murray published her book " The God of the Witches " in 1933. She stated that the"horned god" was worshiped across Europe by a witchcraft cult. This book influenced the Neopagan notion of the Horned God, as an archetype of male virility and sexuality. In Wicca, the archetype of the Horned God is very important, represented by deities such as the Celtic Cernunnos, the Hindu Pashupati, and the Greek Pan:.

The Witches' Sabbath by Francisco de Goya (1789), which represents the Devil flanked by Satanic witches. The researchers state that such stories are based on a pagan cult which worshiped a horned god.


Most of us know that a subliminal message (or a subliminal image) is designed to be able to go below the normal limits of perception.

Although, in general, these messages or images intended to influence the subconscious of people, however, they are also used to enable an exchange of messages that can only be gotten by people who are absolutely involved in the topic.


Several types of satanic encrypted images have been found in the publications of Jehovah's Witnesses.

We found, for example, over-printed images, which are figures placed one above another. The satanic images are hidden, but when they are located, these satanic images are absolutely notorious for anyone.

There have also been found, in the Watchtower publications, embedded images. In other words, figures that are part of the scenery, like a chair, a wall, a tree, etc.

Here you are some examples of these two types of images:

This image was found in the book "Isaiah's Profecy" - Volume II (page 111) published in 2001:

Next to the expensive necklace (collar) we can see a "strange face" inserted by the Society.


The next picture is on page 67 of the book "The knowledge that leads to everlasting life":

Although apparently there is nothing strange in this image, an approach will bring out the image of a dog (or wolf) on the right side of Christ..

Detail of the "dog" on the side of Jesus:


The strangest type of encrypted images, found in Watchtower publications, are the "mirroring images". This type of image is the most elaborate (and certainly the most recurrent and evil). In order to identify the mirroring images you have to take certain pieces of Jehovah's Witnesses art (as they appear in their publications) and by placing a mirror in the center or at the edge of each image, it is created a new image of half view each piece forward and backward at the same time (mirroring image).

The following are some examples of this type of images:

The following picture is on page 35 of the book "The knowledge that leads to everlasting life":

The book "The Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life" (from which this picture was taken) became, until 2005, the main compendium used by Jehovah's Witnesses to lead Bible studies and was later replaced by the book "What Does the Bible Really Teach?".

This piece of art contains many encrypted images. For example, if you put a mirror on the bottom left (where the child is sitting on a stone), you'll get this picture:

The horned face is "The Horned God of the Witches". This idol is a representation of Satan.

Why is a so diabolical image (like "The Horned God") encrypted in a Watchtower publication?

But this demonic image is not the only one that is hidden in this piece of art:

It is strange, isn't it? but there are more.

Placing a mirror on the right side of the face of Jesus, and rotating the image 180 degrees, we get this evil mirroring image:

Now see another infernal mirroring image over the boy sitting on the rocks:

Now look at this other mirroring image on the same page (page 35), in the book "The Knowledge that leads to everlasting life:

Can you see idol in the middle of the vejetación over man's head?:

The Watchtower artist has used, skillfully, the vegetation, lights and leftovers in order to get this mirroring image.

All these images are related to witchcraft, satanism, the occult, voodoo, etc.

Now look at these other satanic mirroring images that can be obtained from the same painting:

Converging testimonies state that Spiritualism plays a fundamental role in the production of this "art".


In this picture you can see (with the help of a mirror) how mirroring images are encrypted in this piece of art (page 35 of the book "The knowledge that leads to everlasting life"):



The following image is the cover of The Watchtower magazine, issue August 2010:

Only an expert will be able to find a satanic image hidden in this planet earth painting. However, there it is.

To see the mirroring image, which has been hidden inside this piece of art, the first thing we have to do is to turn the cover 90 degrees clockwise. Then draw a vertical line on the right edge of the planet earth (where you will place the mirror):

Notice how, with the help of a mirror, we can decode the encrypted image of a dragon (symbol of Satan) that spits fire from his mouth:

Now an approach to dragon's head:

This mirroring image is not made by chance.

Observe, carefully, this extension of the dragon's head. Pay attention to the eyes:

This is nothing but a satanic encrypted cult.


The picture shown below was published in the "Awake!" magazine (in its August 2009 issue, page 23). The drawing depicts the episode in which Jesus washed his disciples' feet:

This piece of art, however, hides an evil face. The encrypted image can only be located (and decoded) with the help of a mirror:

This picture requires an explanation (for those unfamiliar with the occult). There are different levels of satanic practices:(1) Spiritualism, which would be the practice of communicating with evil spirits, (2) demonism, which would be the worship of demonic figures, and (3) Satanism, which is related to the personal worship of Satan.


The following image is in Chapter 88 of "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived":

It represents the Rich Man, a character in the parable named "The Rich Man and Lazarus". The Rich man is in Hades (the Hell). To decode the encrypted image just rotate the picture 90°, and then, place a mirror on the edge:

Observe carefully the horned face that is formed in the flames:

We repeat; this is not the work of chance. These images have been intentionally incorporated in Watchtower publications. We are facing an encrypted satanic cult. A cult associated with witchcraft.

Now, look at the entire picture:

This is not a mere accident of the artist's hand. This is an encrypted satanic cult.


The following image is in chapter V of the book "Pay attention to Daniel's Prophecy!" (see this page: file:///C:/Users/Invitado/Downloads/1999,%202006%20-%20Pay%20Attention%20to%20Daniel's%20Prophecy!%20-%20book%20(1).pdf )

Now place a mirror in the center of this piece of art. the new images formed resembles a devil's head, a psychedelic shape suggestive of madness and evil:

These mirroring images are odd, disturbing, and not at all unintentionally humorous. This stuff is weird. It's creepy. It's eerie. It's got the Tingle.



The following image is extracted from the "Awake!" magazine, issue April 2011:

This is a photograph of a man changing a horseshoe.

It is impossible for anyone who is not an expert in encryption and occultism, to find something unusual in this picture.

However, this picture hides the figure of the head of an animal that (in the elite circles of high magic) represents Satan.

Now let's place a mirror in one of the edges of the image, and you get the head of the Ram Amun, symbol of Satan:

The intention of the artist is evident.

The decoded image shows Amun's head, horns, eyes and nose.

Amun was an Egyptian god whose symbol was a ram. This god was worshiped in the city of Thebes. He was also worshiped in Libya.

In Alexander the Great's time, Amun (the ram-headed god) was considered as a form of Zeus. In fact, the museum Barracco, in Rome, has a bust of Jupiter (Zeus) with ram horns.

The following picture was taken at the Temple of Karnak. Here you can see some statues of the ram-headed Amon-Ra:

The images of Amun, encrypted in the Jehovah's Witnesses's magazines are part of a satanic (and secret) cult. The main leaders of the Watchtower are involved in that cult.


This great image appears on page 15 of The Watchtower magazine, issue January 1997. In it you can see an open Bible in the first chapter of Genesis (one who speaks of creation):

There are millions of animal species in the world, but see what the Watchtower has placed in the middle of this page: the Ram. Do you think this animal was placed here by accident?

The ram, the symbol of Amun, appears encrypted in certain Watchtower publications. We have seen how the Watchtower encrypted the image of a ram in a picture frame and in the leg of a horse. Let us now decode, with the help of a mirror, an image of a ram made of stone:

Now, we have extracted the image so that it can be seen more clearly:

The ram, symbol of Amun, represents, in the elite circles of high magic, Satan himself.

Ammon-Ra, the Ram, in the five-pointed star

Regarding this Egyptian deity, the anthropologist Margaret Murray says: "The chief of the horned gods of Egypt was Amon, originally the local deity of Thebes, later, the supreme god of the whole country. He is usually represented in human form wearing the curved horns of the Theban ram. Herodotus mentions that at the great annual festival at Thebes the figure of Amon was wrapped in a ram's skin." ("The God of the Witches", chapter 1, Margaret Murray)


The following image is in the "Watchtower" magazine, issue September 15th, 2005:

The head of a goat is hidden on this page.

The first step to find out this encrypted image is to rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise. The penetrating investigator will notice an irregularity in the sands of the desert:

The head of the goat appears by placing the mirror on the left edge of the page:

Now, we'll see the extension of the horns of this goat:

This image represents Baphomet, the horned god, who was worshiped by the witches in the Middle Ages.

The image of Bafometh, symbol of satan, is part of the encripted satanic cult held by the key leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The next image is on page 31 of the Watchtower magazine, issue April 2012:
With the help of a mirror is evidenced, in the lower part, a pair of yellow eyes looking directly to the reader. These eyes belong to the face of a creature similar to the "horned god", a horned creature who was worshiped by sorcerers of antiquity, and received different names (Cernunnos, Pan, etc.) depending on the region in which he was worshiped. You can even see the horns resting on the circles containing the invitation to read the Bible.

Taking into account the evidence obtained so far it is undeniable that the Watchtower art hides one of the most bizarre satanic encrypted cults which this world has never seen.

Unfortunately, some of the websites, which present evidence, seem somewhat hysterical in its approach to the issue. And instead of making a detailed presentation of the facts, they try to persuade the Jehovah's Witnesses to flee the organization.


One of the best techniques used by artists of the Watchtower Society to encrypt their diabolical pictures is "photomosaic". This is to create a large image using lots of small images.

Let's see how the leaders of the "Society Watchtower" make use of this technique to hide images suggestive of folly and wickedness:


The following image is in the chapter (or story) 45 of the book named "My Book of Bible Stories" published by The Watchtower:

We are confident that no ordinary reader would accept the idea that there is a demonic composite photomosaic image encripted in this piece of art that represents the Israelite exodus.

This skepticism is understandable.
Few readers know anything about demonism, Satanism, spiritualism, etc. This is why they won’t be able to find, as much as be anxious, the demonic image encrypted in this piece of art.

But, even if they knew something of Satanism, witchcraft, etc., the reader does not know what to look for. They don’t know what’s the topic (spiritualism, Satanism, witchcraft, etc.) of the image they are going to decode

We will decode the demonic image using a mirror:

This image is truly creepy.

Notice that the image has undergone some changes in the new edition of "My Book of Bible Stories",


This image was found on page 28 of the Watchtower magazine of February 15, 2003.


This image was found on the cover of The Watchtower magazine, issue September 2009:

Although apparently there is nothing unusual in this picture, a careful observation, however, will reveal an irregularity in the sleeve of the jacket. This irregularity is found specifically in the right arm.

This is a subliminal image. This is the image of an evil face representing an evil spirit:

This integrated subliminal image is associated with spiritualism.

The following encrypted image can only be decoded with the help of a mirror because it is a Satanic Mirroring Image.

Notice how, with the help of a mirror, we decode this chilling mirroring image:

Now we will enlarge the mirroring image, and you can see the various details of this infernal image: pointed ears, eyes, nose, etc:

Although a skeptical reader may argue that this mirroring image is the result of chance. For the experts, however, the intention of the watchtower artist is unquestionable.

If you look carefully, you will notice that, under the evil face, there is this strange symbol " \ M / ":

This is the written form of the "sign of horns" (devil’s horns).

We say (beyond all doubt) that the Watchtower has introduced these images intentionally.


Simple. The head of the watchtower is a satanic organization disguised as a Christianity organization.

Here we are not talking about ordinary Jehovah's Witnesses. We are talking about their main leaders.

The satanic images hidden in the Watchtower publications, are part of a satanic encrypted cult:


The following image is in chapter 111 of the book "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived".

It represents a sheep and a lot of people in front of it. This piece of art is in the chapter which tells about the parable of the Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 5, The Bible). A ray of sun illuminates the sheep.
This glorious picture, however, hides an image of "The Horned God of The Witches." To decode the hidden image you only have to place a mirror in the middle of the piece of art:

This stuff, dear reader, is not a mere accident of an artist's hand. This is a an encrypted satanic cult.


The reader has to know that professional artists are involved in this "evil art", who obviously are aware of what they are doing.


You need more than just a blog to explain each of these images. Suffice it to say that all of them are related to spiritualism, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, etc. Take for example one of the decoded pictures on page 35 of the book "the KNOWLEDGE which leads to the everlasting life":

This strange mirroring image is directly related to necromancy and spiritualism which was practiced in Cambodia.

In order to give a more detailed explanation of Cambodian Buddhism, we will cite the following:
Cambodian Buddhism exists side-by-side with, and to some extent intermingles with, pre-Buddhist animism and Brahman practices. Most Cambodians, whether or not they profess to be Buddhists (or Muslims), believe in a rich supernatural world. When ill, or at other times of crisis, or to seek supernatural help, Cambodians may enlist the aid of a practitioner who is believed to be able to propitiate or obtain help from various spirits. Local spirits are believed to inhabit a variety of objects, and shrines to them may be found in houses, in Buddhist temples, along roads, and in forests. Several types of supernatural entities are believed to exist; they make themselves known by means of inexplicable sounds or happenings. Among these phenomena are khmoc (ghosts), pret and besach (particularly nasty demons, the spirits of people who have died violent, untimely, or unnatural deaths), arak (evil spirits, usually female), neak ta (tutelary spirits residing in inanimate objects), mneang phteah (guardians of the house), meba (ancestral spirits), and mrenh kongveal (elf-like guardians of animals). Aid in dealing with the spirit world may be obtained from a kru (shaman or spirit practitioner), an achar (ritualist), thmup (witch, sorcerer or sorceress), or a rup arak (medium, usually male). The kru is a kind of sorcerer who prepares charms and amulets... The kru are believed to have the power to prepare an amulet and to establish a supernatural link between it and the owner. A kru may acquire considerable local prestige and power. Many kru are former Buddhist monks. .
(Source: Federal Research Division. Russell R. Ross, ed. "Role of Buddhism in Cambodian Life". Cambodia: A Country Study. Research completed December 1987).
In his book "Facing the Cambodian Past", David Chandler, the best historian of Cambodia, says that Cambodian kings practiced human sacrifices until the nineteenth century.

Buddah’s faces carved in rocks and trees (Cambodia).


Here you are the cover of the book named “Angels and Women” , published by the Watchtower in 1924:
What was this book about? In 1878 a woman named J. G. Smith published a strange book that was dictated by an evil spirit. That book of "automatic writing", dictated by a demon , was titled "Seola". The book came into the hands of Joseph Franklin Rutherford, second president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Mr. Rutherford reviewed this haunting book and in 1924 (eight years after the death of Russell) published the book again under the title: "Angels and Women". This book has had a huge influence on the position of the Watchtower about what happened before the Flood.

Let us now turn to the matter of the subject of satanic images encrypted in the Watchtower publications:


You must be wondering, honestly, what are the chances that these images occur accidentally.

To carry out these details there must be exact light and shadows, and you have to make use of the symmetry and geometry. This is not an accident and should not be ignored. This is a deliberate act. Everything in the pictures has been used to create these images, leaves, trees, clothes, hair, face, hands, wrists, feet, arms, rocks, shrubs, plants, bodies people, their attitude ... They have used absolutely all means available.

In the first edition of the book "APOCALYPSE!: It's Grand Climax at hand!" , published by the "Watchtower" in 1988 (in the first edition of this book), there are subliminal images related to the occult. These images are difficult to identify at first, but once located are obvious. Consider for example the image found on page 52 of this book:

It is very difficult for the ordinary reader to perceive some kind of subliminal image in this figure..

Let's help our fellow readers to identify the subliminal image hidden in this seemingly glorious piece of art. We will use the “zoom” to see some details:

Look at the detail of the hand. Definitely, this is not a human hand. It is a "Claw".

Now we will show a mythological dragon claw. Please, compare the claw with the "hand" in the illustration of the Jehovah's Witnesses:

Here we show a photograph of a human hand holding a scepter. Compare this hand to the one in the illustration in the book ""APOCALYPSE!: It's Grand Climax at hand!"!":

The message is quite clear; a scepter means triumph, power and glory.

A hypothetical final triumph of Satan is subliminally and subtly expressed through this picture.


First, because these images have been prepared to be found by "those who have eyes to see.”

The ordinary reader can hardly find them because they are not expert on Witchcraft, Satanism, demonism, spiritualism, etc.

A clear example of this can be seen in the following image on page 86, in the book "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" (published by Jehovah's Witnesses in 1992):

Ordinary people will never notice anything strange about this picture because the true image has been integrated into the tree.

The figure of a "snake" and a "ram's head" have been integrated into the trunk of this tree.

Now, we will show both the snake and the sheep that have been integrated into the trunk of this tree:

Even if the reader were to find these two integrated images, he still would not know the meaning of them. This is because, as we said, the ordinary reader is not an expert on Witchcraft, Satanism, demonism, spiritualism, and so on.

Second, mirroring diabolical images, decoded with the help of a mirror, are part of an evil cult encrypted.

Here you are an example of the latter. This is page 16 of the Watchtower magazine issue March 2011:

At the top it reads: "Teachings of the Word of God." Then, below, there is a question: "Who is Jesus Christ?”

On the right side of the sheet, there is a piece of art that represents the Lord imparting his teachings, sitting on a rock. There is a tree behind him.

The common reader will never find anything strange or unusual in this piece of art:

But, why the ordinary reader cannot find any Satanic image in this piece of art?

Easy, because the ordinary reader is not looking for encrypted images related to Witchcraft, demonism, spiritualism, and so on.

In addition, the ordinary reader is not involved in any secret satanic cult.

Finally, the average reader is not an expert in the occult, witchcraft, demonism, spiritualism, etc., etc.

To decode the encrypted image we only have to place a mirror on the right edge of the sheet and voila!:

To achieve this mirroring image, the watchtower artist has used the vegetation. The eyes of this demonic face look directly to the reader.

This face is actually a stylized image of Baphometh (horned god worshiped by witches in the Middle Ages):

Who is behind this evil art?

The main leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses are absolutely involved in this "encrypted Satanic cult".

Another reason why it is practically impossible for the ordinary reader to discover these encrypted mirroring images, is the symbolism used in such encryption. The common reader is not familiar, at all, with this type of language. Here you are an example of what I’ve just said:

This image is in the book "My Book of Bible Stories". The image on the left appears in the first edition of this book, and the one on the right appears in the latest edition of the same book:

Abraham is ready to sacrifice Isaac. Note the differences between the images of the first and second edition.

To achieve the mirroring image you have to place the original piece of art in a vertical position. Then, place a mirror on the right edge of this image, and voila!:

This mirroring image is really creepy. But, what is it?, what does it mean?

This image is related to the human sacrifices performed by the Aztecs of Mexico. A large Mexican hat (on the top of the figure) set the event in the land of the Aztecs. The colors (red, terracotta and yellow) represent polychrome art related to Aztec human sacrifices which were performed by their priests:

The knife, the context of the sacrifice of Isaac, etc.. all of them are additional elements that help us with the interpretation.


The following images were found drawn on a wall of the "White House" (an old abandoned building on Cesar Lopez Lara Street) in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico:

These images belong to a Mexican cartel. A representation of the “Horned God of the Witches” can be seen clearly in these images.

In the "White House" Police found the bodies of people who had been killed in satanic rituals.

At present, Mexico is being hit by a crime wave, sponsored by the Mexican drug trafficking network. This crime wave is unprecedented in the history of Mexico.


The following picture was found on the second page of the Awake! Magazine issued in February 2011:

The use of skulls as a talisman that hosts evil spirits was a common practice among the sorcerers of the Middle Ages.

Below there is a stylized skull found in another publication of the Watchtower: This hideous skull-mummy was found and decoded (with the help of a mirror) in Chapter 4 of the book "What Does the Bible Really Teach?"

In regard to this, Gerald B. Gardner says:

"One of the official charges made against the Templars was the wearing of a cord of heretical significance... To modern writers on the Templars this has always seemed a curiously pointless charge at a time when all monks wore such a cord or girdle. But though the Inquisitors may have been scoundrels, they were certainly not fools... They were said to have used these cords to bind the skull or head which they worshipped. To a witch this binding of a skull could have a meaning. That the Templars attached some meaning to these cords seems clear... There is evidence that these skulls existed. Some were found, one in Paris." (Witchcraft Today, Gerald B. Gardner)


One of the recurring elements in the Watchtower mirroring images are camouflaged eyes within the pieces of art. Evil eyes that look directly at the reader. r.

This is why many ex-Jehovah's Witnesses agree that even before they knew about the existence of these images, they felt that there was something disturbing in the pictures, but did not know exactly what it was.


the following image is on page 219 of the "Isaiah Book" (published by the Watchtower):

Now, place a mirror on the left edge and voila! Notice how the evil eyes (formed by the head band of one of the participants) look directly at the reader:


Now look at this piece of art:

This piece of art hides another interesting mirroring image.

Place a mirror at the bottom of the drawing.

Notice how a letter "A" has been formed. The center line of this letter “A” is a head of a demon:

Here you are another mirroring image:


This image was found on page 41 of the book "Impariamo dal grande insegnante " (the Italian version of the book "Learn from a great teacher"), published in 2003. Do you notice the upside down cross?:

There is also a demon’s face under the inverted cross.


The conclusion is simple: the Watchtower Society has been infiltrated by a secret sect of Devil’s worshipers.




The presence of demonic images (disguised in the literature of the Company) is part of an “encrypted satanic cult".

The following image is taken from chapter 4 of the book "What the Bible Really Teach?":

Here we are Jesus instructing his apostles who pay much attention to his words.


To obtain the first mirroring image, please, place a mirror on the right edge of this piece of art:

Note the evil face, with yellow eyes:


Now see these images. Both have been extracted from the bottom of the picture:

Mummy head profile and strange smiling face. These embedded subliminal images are related to spiritualism and necromancy.


The second mirroring image obtained from the same painting in Chapter 4, is also related to spiritualism. To get it simply turn the image 90 degrees clockwise. Then place the mirror in a diagonal manner:

In this picture you can clearly see a strange face. You can notice clearly the cheekbones, nose, jaw, mouth, and a pair of eyes (or better eye sockets):

Spiritualism, necromancy, sorcery and witchcraft .


Mirroring image decoded with the help of a mirror.

Below: Another mirroring image found in the book "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth":

Now see how, with the help of a mirror we can decode encrypted mirroring demonic images in the tree:

Now, let us look at another mirroring demonic image decoded from the same tree:

Look at the evil face:

Cain and the stones

Another strange mirroring image decode with the help of a mirror:

This mirroring image has eyes, eyebrows, ears, cheeks, mouth, chin, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and even a crown.

This is a full body image. No part has been omitted.

This picture is related to witchcraft.

This, dear reader, is an encrypted satanic cult.


/> Ordinary Jehovah's Witnesses are not the responsible for this art. Here we are talking about extremely dangerous people who currently lead the Watchtower Society.

A good example of this can be seen on the internet. Most of the "Jehovah's witnesses" who actively participate in online forums are actually Satanists of the Watchtower.
No ordinary JW can visit even a web site containing information against the Watchtower.
Again, most of the "Jehovah's witnesses" who actively participate in online forums are actually Satanists of the watchtower. The rest are fanatical Jehovah's Witnesses, Watchtower useful fools.

These people have, therefore, no qualms about lying and insulting.

................................................................................................................................................................................... SIRIA AND HEZBOLLAH:

Hezbollah (the most evil terrorist organization that exists on the earth) seek the destruction of Israel. The Jewish state is facing extremely malignant forces that put children (their own children) as human shields in the places (usually underground) where they have their long-ranged weapons. This is in order to show Israel as a criminal state. Hezbollah tortured to death the soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev (two human sacrifices) in 2006, and then froze their bodies and returned to Israel in a prisoner exchange. Then, with the cynicism typical of men who have given their souls to Satan, Hezbollah said that the soldiers had been killed by the same Israelis.
Hezbollah tortured to death William F. Buckley in 1984. William was tortured during a year. He died from a heart attack after so savage torture. Then his body was thrown in a dunghill.

Their crimes:
President of the American University in Beirut, S. Davis Dodge, was kidnapped by Hezbollah on July 19th, 1982.
Hezbollah was behind this and 30 other kidnappings of Westerners in the next ten years.

April 18th, 1983: Hezbollah attacks the U.S. embassy in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 63 people, 17 of whom were U.S. citizens.

October 23rd, 1983: Hezbollah attacks the headquarters of the U.S. Navy with a truck bomb, killing 241 U.S. military personnel stationed in Beirut as part of a peacekeeping force. That same year, a separate attack against French military base in Beirut kills 58 people.

September 20th, 1984: The group attacks again U.S. Embassy in Beirut with a car bomb, killing two Americans and 22 others.

April 12th, 1984: Hezbollah attacks a restaurant near the Torrejón Air Base in Spain. The explosion killed eighteen American soldiers and wounded 83 people.

December 4th, 1984: Hezbollah Terrorists hijacked a Kuwait Airlines plane. Four passengers were killed, including two Americans.

June 14th, 1985: Hezbollah terrorists hijack the plane 847 (TWA). The kidnappers brutally beat Robert Stethem a U.S. Navy diver and, after killing him, threw his body on the runway at the airport in Beirut.

December 31th, 1986: Under the alias of "The Oppressed on Earth," Hezbollah kidnapped and murdered three Lebanese Jews. The organization had already taken responsibility for killing four other Jews since 1984.

February 17, 1988: Hezbollah kidnaps Col. William Higgins, a U.S. Marine, and later killed him.

March 17, 1992: With the help of Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah attacked and destroyed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 people and wounding more than 200.

July 18, 1994: Again with the help of Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah attacked and destroyed the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The attack killed 85 people and wounded more than 200.

November 28, 1995: Hezbollah attacks cities in northern Israel with Katyusha rocket barrages, one of the group's numerous attacks against Israeli civilians.


The murder of civilians in Syria Is, in fact, a modern version of human sacrifices, which were offered to Molech in the ancient times.

Molech was a Phoenician god. He was worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites. This idol had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents. Moloch figures in the Book of Deuteronomy and in the Book of Leviticus as a form of idolatry (Leviticus 18:21: "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch"). This God was also known by other names (e.g. Kronos, Ba‘al Hammon).

Diodorus Siculus (20.14) wrote: “There was in their city (Punic city of Carthage) a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.”

Plutarch wrote in De Superstitiones 171:

“... but with full knowledge and understanding they themselves offered up their own children, and those who had no children would buy little ones from poor people and cut their throats as if they were so many lambs or young birds; meanwhile the mother stood by without a tear or moan; but should she utter a single moan or let fall a single tear, she had to forfeit the money, and her child was sacrificed nevertheless; and the whole area before the statue was filled with a loud noise of flutes and drums took the cries of wailing should not reach the ears of the people.” Diodorus also relates that relatives were forbidden to weep and that when Agathocles defeated Carthage, the Carthaginian nobles believed they had displeased the gods by substituting low-born children for their own children. They attempted to make amends by sacrificing 200 children of the best families at once, and in their enthusiasm actually sacrificed 300 children.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, like Hezbollah leaders, is a secret worshiper of false gods. He has killed and he will continue killing innocent and unarmed civilians, their own people. You can be sure of that.